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  1. rutwik

    New EA Oracle Scalper from 3.40 star(s) 17 Votes

    Can you share that please
  2. rutwik

    Exploring the World of Expert Advisors (EAs) in Forex Trading: A Deep Dive

    Hey Forex Traders! I've been diving deep into the world of Expert Advisors (EAs) lately, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you all. EAs have truly revolutionized the way we trade in the Forex market, offering automation and potentially enhancing our trading...
  3. rutwik

    Is anyone having any Free EA bots ?

    Why brother ? EAs have been found useful just you need to manage the risk and strategies.
  4. rutwik

    Is anyone having any Free EA bots ?

    You see, that's a limited thinking. Just think of it, if you share your system here. Will that stop making money for you? No , right ? And of course if it makes money for me as well then I am ready to share profits with you !
  5. rutwik

    Trading Strategies for New Forex Traders: Tips and Insights

    "Hello fellow forex enthusiasts Are you new to forex trading and looking to learn about effective trading strategies? This thread is dedicated to sharing tips, insights, and strategies that can help new traders navigate the forex market more successfully. **Getting Started:** If you're just...
  6. rutwik

    "Analyzing EUR/USD: Technical and Fundamental Insights"

    Thread Content: "Hello fellow forex traders! I wanted to start a discussion on the EUR/USD currency pair, which is always a hot topic in the forex market. Let's share our insights, analyses, and predictions to help each other navigate this dynamic market. Technical Analysis: I've been closely...
  7. rutwik

    Is anyone having any Free EA bots ?

    EA bot is a new way of trading, managing the risk, and letting it print money 24x7. Let's share and grow together
  8. rutwik

    Exploring Forex Trading Tools and Software

    Greetings, fellow traders! Today, let's dive into the world of Forex trading tools and software. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, having the right tools in your trading arsenal can make a significant difference. Let's get started! **Post 1: Trading Platforms** The foundation of...
  9. rutwik

    Mastering the Mind Game: Trading Psychology Tips

    Hey fellow traders, In the world of forex, having a solid trading strategy is crucial, but it's equally important to master the psychological aspect of trading. Emotions can be your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to making trading decisions. Here are some trading psychology tips to...
  10. rutwik

    How To Write Weekly Forex Trading Journal

    Hey fellow traders, Welcome to my Weekly Forex Trading Journal! I'm excited to share my experiences, trades, and lessons from the past week. I believe that keeping a trading journal is essential for continuous improvement in the forex market, and I hope that by sharing my journey, we can all...
  11. rutwik

    Mastering Risk Management in Forex Trading

    Hey fellow traders, One of the keys to long-term success in the forex market is effective risk management. In this thread, let's dive deep into the strategies and techniques that can help us minimize risk and protect our hard-earned capital. **Topic 1: Position Sizing** - How do you determine...
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