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    How long to be in demo trading?

    I think traders should stick to demo trading as long as they are with Forex market because demo isn’t only for learning but it is also for many other reasons.
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    Is over-trading a good practice?

    Over-trading is believed to be consuming the entire equity of traders. Is it actually true or it’s a good practice?
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    How to follow risk management?

    Risk management in trading is a buzzword in the forex community. Can you please tell me how you manage your trading risk?
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    Do you trade roughly?

    I know rough trading leads to losses and that’s why I always try to avoid rough trading. What about you?
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    Forex trading as a part time profession

    You will find thousands of traders trading forex as a part time trader and do you think it’s a perfect way of trading?
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    Why scalping is so popular?

    Scalping is always my favorite trading strategy just because it gives me quick return. Is it the only reason people love scalping?
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    MT. how good it is. the best platform

    Mt4 and mt5 are most commonly used platforms and mt5 is more updated than that of mt4.
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    Is anyone having any Free EA bots ?

    I don’t have any free EA bots because I hate EA trading from the core of my heart.
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    Forex can be potential investment

    A trader can’t derive good amount of profit from the market until he or she has a flourished trading strategy. And traders have to struggle for developing a good trading strategy.
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    How to get out of the deal 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Successful trading depends on positive mindset, better trading strategy, proper time management and risk management policy.
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    The importance of learning a trader for beginners fundamental analysis

    Traders should feed themselves with fundamental analysis knowledge because it helps traders generate signals cogently.
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    Common mistakes that whistle up a trading account

    I try to avoid common mistakes and don’t rely on EA trading. From the very initial time, I used to avoid EA trading just because it takes away control from a trader.
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    trading is a trade in globaly

    Stress management is important because stress keep control of trading away from us. We have to forget our past losses and work for the betterment in the future. A good profit can have a positive impact on our life.
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    Finding the most accurate Forex signals can be challenging

    I give moving average the highest level of priority because I use this indicator to know the support and resistance of the market and set targets. The better strategy a trader, the better his performance is. A good broker should be selected to operate trading smoothly and perfectly.
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    How much time do you become consistent profitable?

    Knowledge is precious so newbies should work hard to gather knowledge. So, newbie traders should work on market knowledge earning and mindset development.
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    How to use golden eye indicator for binary option trading?

    I prefer using moving average, Bollinger bands and fibonacchi.
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    BOOM CRASH SPIKE DETECTOR 1.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Successful trading depends on positive mindset, better trading strategy, proper time management and risk management policy.
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    Which robot is Good with boom and crash 4.00 star(s) 3 Votes

    For analyzing the market, I use several indicators including fibonacchi, MACD, RSI and moving average.
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    Can anyone help me with the Westernpips Private 7 settings? 2.30 star(s) 19 Votes

    The flourished the tactics are, the higher the return are.
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    Does anyone actually have a system that does not repaint cos I see most of them they do 2.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Market research is essential for every trader because you can’t understand Forex without this research. Staying with the market for a long time will help you catch the actual market environment.
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