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    The ideal trading size for forex market

    One reason why many retail traders fail is not having the ideal trading size to approach the forex market amidst other reasons like lack of skills and lack of discipline with regards money management and risk management. What will you consider the ideal trading size for retail traders to...
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    Forex trading journal

    i found a very good trading journal which can benefit many traders
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    CTrader Preference for trading? 5.00 star(s) 2 Votes

    Any reason why some traders prefer Ctrader than MT4? I seems to prefer trading with MT4 even more than MT5
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    Divergence MACD Settings

    What is the best MACD settings for divergences on 4Hours Timeframe
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    Signals vs Trade Copy

    I am thinking of which to go for between trade signals and trade copy by the same provider. Which would you prefer?
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    why do traders still prefer MT4 over MT5

    MT5 has been on for a while and yet traders still prefer using MT4....any reason for this preference?
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    which would you consider the best candlestick pattern?

    as for me, i prefer pin bar/shooting star and 123 doji formation.
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    do we have pdf for MT4 shortcuts?

    i like working well with my keyboard than using mouse. Any resource to help? Thank you
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    Any guide on how to work on trading psychology?

    can anyone give a guide on how to work on trading psychology?
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    why do forex traders lose this much - 95% loss rate

    why do forex traders lose this much - 95% loss rate in the forex market
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