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    Trading Psychology ????? 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Trading in the zone, hands down was the best trading psychology book I've ever read, it's cheap too. i have a link somewhere, but really its like 10 bucks
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    Subscription to signals

    signal groups are flawed for a number of reason 1) you'll hardly know what the producer of the signal is looking at, so you're flying blind 2) signals are often generated on the M5-M30 making them almost useless unless you're staring at your phone all day waiting for a signal and you happen to...
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    How the Forex market originated

    Forex was out in the 80s, definatly made more popular in the 90's with dialup, and made furthur popular with broadband...and now i think youtube is increasing the popularity, but it's only bringing liquidity to the market because most people are losing miserably:oops:
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    best ea for gold trading

    I've attached the the Goldnix EA with the Gold M1 SET. I will say it's extremely powerful when used correctly. The first time I used it, I increased the lots inappropriately and it blew $8k in about a day real dollars. The SAFEest settings which have been working for me is about .01 lot for...
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    Forex trading is not gambling

    This is exactly why 95% of traders fail. I also blame youtube! Youtubers make it appear as if all you have to do is XYZ and BAM you flipped another account. It's actually a shame. I used to watch a lot of youtubers but lately, I've grown tired of the same old garbage... i mean not every...
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    What kind of music you hear while you trade?

    Suavamente and Reggea! Sometimes, if the market is ranging, I listen to classical :ROFLMAO:
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