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    Looking for Bellyfx system indicator Mt5 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Do I have any one with Bellyfx system indicator Mt5 I am in need please
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    The future of investment and more money

    Binary options is the future of trading and fast cash and a lot of risks T the same time and you can make profit every minute it’s up to you
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    It’s the right time to invest in bitcoin

    If you were looking for the right time to buy bitcoin this one is the best time ever because 2021 it will reach $20k
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    Money making machine and the best

    Out of 10 brokers I use is my number one broker and the best for me because even in a single trade I have never had any problems
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    They have a better service online

    I have experienced a lot of problems with brokers online but with they they replay very fast and give better solutions all time
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    I have never heard of them and even on top 100

    It’s my first time today to see even the name and that there is such a broker but I believe maybe they can have something I can use
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    It’s the best and super cool broker

    I have made more money with them and even made more withdrawals and big amounts and I did not have any problems
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    Having a big leverage and good contact center

    Have invested with them and the big leverage has worked on my advantage more than once and better spreads
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    They call to much and put pressure

    They call to much to make your first deposit and giving you high promises and they have many promotions even for demo traders
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    Fast withdrawals and approval fast

    They have fast withdrawals and good spread and good commissions. The platform doesn’t freeze at all
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    Not that bad but can manage

    It’s not bad but not the best compared to the brokers I used before and they have good support
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    I have been using it for more than 3years now

    It’s one of my favorite brokers and I have been using them for more than three years now and I have not in counter any problems with them
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    Do we have any best broker in Africa

    Do we really have the best forex broker in Africa or just most of them are good when they open the broker to attract customers
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    What are VPs providers

    What is a VPs provider and what is the importance of having one? I have little knowledge when coming to VPs on forex
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    What is the most effective indicator

    Do really have any effective indicator that some can use and it gives a winning 8/10 results or all of them they don’t work is just a good marketing strategy
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    Can someone please help who have used automated trading

    Is there any one who has experience on using automated trading to help me by giving me knowledge and the best automated software that I can use
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    What are the advantages of using Ctrader

    Ctrader is having a beautiful platform but my question is what are the advantages of using Ctrader platform?
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    Is there any indicator or software that help to close trades

    Do we have any indicator that can help to close multi trade open on MetaTrader or you just have to close manually?
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    Can you make a lot of money just trading forex? 4.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    After I spend a lot of money trading and blowing accounts I don’t think you really make a leaving just by trading forex
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    How many years do need to study forex 4.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    It’s been years and days getting education even studying but all the efforts I put in ,at the end of the day I fail.why?
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