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    looking for gold EA with low dd

    Hi guys, any recommended gold EA with drawdown lower than 10% ? thanksss
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    stock market crash prediction

    Hi guys, this has been the talk for weeks now. What would be your opinion about the future crash?
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    anyone is active joining MLM businesses?

    Hi guys, anyone is active in a mlm business? what kind of? care to share?
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    any tips to choose the best EA ?

    hi guys, what do you check before getting or buying any EAs out there?
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    which youtuber do you follow ?

    Hi guys, any good trader in youtube channel that you follow and can recommend?
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    will the bucks win the championship ?

    Are you guys for the BUCKS or SUNS? game 3 went for the bucks.. i think we will have a great finals!
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    what is binary options? 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    hi guys, anyone can explain in few words what that actually is? i heard they are very risky... is that true?
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    which stock broker do you use

    hi guys, which brokers do you guys use? im using TD and IBKR. Both are awesome in executions
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    any one tried crypto ea ?

    Hi guys, I wonder whether anyone have tried any of the EA for crypto trading out there? can share your experience?
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    compounding or WD all the time ?

    Hi guys, are you always compounding your profit or withdrawing? and why ?
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    anyone use OPOForex previously ?

    Hi guys, anyone used opoforex before? are they good? care to share the experience?
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    PLTR vs arkk indicators that can be used

    hi guys, just want to share for those who is looking at PLTR.. one indication is to see whether ARKK is moving up or down.. to 90% PLTR will follow and other way around..
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    BTC : watch out for 17th july

    grey scale BTC open lock will be open biggest on the 17th of july.. not saying that there will be a massive sell... but it is definitely a possibility
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    did italy deserve to win the euro ?

    yes, they did win it last night.. but do you guys think they deserve it?
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    forex or stock market to start with

    which one do you guys prefer? and why? share your experience
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    which one is better mt4 or mt5 1.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Hi guys, im new in this forex world... which one is actually better? Mt4 or 5? or it doesnt matters?
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    is really advisable to use EA for newbie? 4.00 star(s) 3 Votes

    Hi forex experts, i am starting my journey in this forex trading... is using EA the best way to start this? what is your opinions?
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    forexvps discount via ic markets

    Hi guys, just want to share that if you are going to try forexvps and also IC market.. make sure you buy it via the discount page from ICmarket... it gives u discount almost like 15 usd per month
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