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CTrader Preference for trading?

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Well, I am using Ctrade from two months ago, for me is better because charts look different and with more definition. I am trading in an Ipad. My trading was improved, I need only to see the chart and easily, following the trend, I can open a trade with a probability of more than 90% of success. Ok hand


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cTrader is the future of the trading platforms. It is new on the market so still most popular addons available mostly on mt4 and it will take a while.


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ctrader is a much newer trading platform to Metatrader 4, which I was using earlier. I was happy with mt4, but I shifted to Axiory ctrader around 3 months ago because I thought it’s newly developed and so will have more advanced technologies. I am happy with my decision so far. Platform keep getting updated with more features. You can try the platform and see if it suits you.
Some people are too familiar with mt4 and don’t want to change. But ctrader was easy for me to understand. Also, it makes trading more efficient, I feel. I need fast platorm because I am day trading with lot of assets.
What I like best is it gives a single place for all my accounts. Makes it very easy. Also I can mark an asset as favorite to access it more faster. I also like the feature for auto trading. I have installed in my laptop (windows) and phone (android). I cant say about performance on iOS.
C trader is good because if the brokers not being able to spike prices, personally prefer the charts to mt4 and 5 but nothing beats tradingview charts


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[QUOTE = "CSNKING, сообщение: 105289, участник: 76969"]
Я также предпочитаю mt4 и mt5 по сравнению с CTrader. Ничто не сравнится с этим

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