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In need of a forex vps


I'm using virmach vps starting at $7, if if you're learning or testing which I think is great. They've many locations unfortunately, they haven't anymore spaces in Europe.


I think that it is better to have the VPS with the same broker as it happened to me that I took a vps and run a signal .... and there was some trades closed (That I didn't closed). when I tried to understand I contacted my broker.... the broker said that the trades are closed in the third party and they are not responsible. when I contacted the third party VPS they said that it is not them, it is my broker !
To be continued ....


Brokers which offer VPS normally dont have great spreads so you pay for it one way or another
Thanks for your answer. Maybe, I will just host the signal on my server myself ... as the problem is not just to pay...But, as a third party, the trades may close alone and someone could find self with many interlocutors and hard to identify responsibilities

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