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    General Best way to scalp trade

    Hello I would like help knowing good ways to scalp trade for quick profits in highly liquid markets
  2. Dexter410

    General Best moving average for day trading

    Hello I need help identifying the best moving average for consistent profits for day trading
  3. Dexter410

    Looking for indicators for MT5

    Mt5 has a lack of Indicators and I want to gather some to come up with a system. May you please share with me
  4. Dexter410

    Does anyone trade the uncommon Indices like Nikkei

    Wanted to find out if anyone trades the uncommon Indices like Nikkei 225 or Ibex, I believe they could be profitable with a low spread broker
  5. Dexter410

    Does anyone know how to trade the Dax open

    I'm kindly asking for kelp trading the Dax open at 10:00 CAT. It's something I believe can very profitable
  6. Dexter410

    Strategy Just sharing a pdf strategy that has transformed my trading 4.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    This strategy has helped me become a better trader. its simple yet so effective
  7. Dexter410

    Bitcoin assistance, maybe an ea or strategy

    Bitcoin assistance, maybe an ea or strategy to help me trade Bitcoin and the other crypto currencies
  8. Dexter410

    Forex strategies for nasdaq trading

    Does anyone know any good forex strategies for trading nas 100 that I can use right now?
  9. Dexter410

    Mt4 nasdaq robot needed 3.50 star(s) 2 Votes

    Anyone to help me with a nasdaq robot so that I can milk in peace
  10. Dexter410

    Looking for MT5 bots

    Looking for MT5 bots that are profitable please help
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