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    hitch replied to the thread Trading Psychology ?????.
    Trading in the zone, hands down was the best trading psychology book I've ever read, it's cheap too. i have a link somewhere, but really...
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    hitch replied to the thread Subscription to signals.
    signal groups are flawed for a number of reason 1) you'll hardly know what the producer of the signal is looking at, so you're flying...
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    hitch replied to the thread How the Forex market originated.
    Forex was out in the 80s, definatly made more popular in the 90's with dialup, and made furthur popular with broadband...and now i think...
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    hitch replied to the thread best ea for gold trading.
    I've attached the the Goldnix EA with the Gold M1 SET. I will say it's extremely powerful when used correctly. The first time I used...
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    hitch replied to the thread Forex trading is not gambling.
    This is exactly why 95% of traders fail. I also blame youtube! Youtubers make it appear as if all you have to do is XYZ and BAM you...
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    Suavamente and Reggea! Sometimes, if the market is ranging, I listen to classical :ROFLMAO:
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