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    Currency market is a risky a market

    Agree with you. Unfortunately I played around 5 months in demo and blew out 3 live accounts, 1000 USD total before finding price action system and broker (hotforex) which helped me to achieve breakeven level after 3 months of hard work. I should say that it is impossible to trade in profit if...
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    Beware of Scam brokers

    Which broker can you suggest I would like to test my feet with Hotforex, Tickmill or Exness, which one would you suggest
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    General account blown pls help, i need a mentor asap

    Go and get finance, computer of math background in some serious university if you want to make a shrewd investment in your trading skill. It is unlikely that somebody would reveal a clear route towards successful trading.
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    Knowledge, Skills and Experience 3.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    You still should make some assumptions about price relationships first before verifying them in trading test. Trying MAs, ATR or RSI with different parameters can be a good example of trials and errors process, however if market has no memory, those indicators have no predictive power...
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    Choosing a good broker for your forex experience 5.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    I trade using scalping strategies on major FX pairs with Hotforex and Tickmill. According to my experience, if you want to improve your trading results, find brokers with low spreads like 0.0 - 0.1 pip on majors
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    The margin is not necessary to protect capital

    If you want to stay in the market and keep position open you have to maintain sufficient margin so your broker won't close the trade. So in some sense margin protects you from a loss.
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    Trading is not an easy task

    Agree that's why we have to use stop loss and trade with reputable broker if we want to avoid unpleasant trading situations. clapping hands
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    Which broker is best for Trading volatility.

    Hotforex offers CFD on VIX, not sure if it's what you need but movements mirror original VIX index.
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    Broker always in the consideration set

    Which type of account did you open? Their zero spread account is great place for scalping didn't find similar anywhere else.
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    Best VPS service provider

    I use beeksFX with Hotforex because they offer special discount for traders so it's cheaper compared with other options.
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    General Easy news trader book. Pdf 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    After all success of news trading depends a lot on how your broker executes orders during news. It's the crucial aspect of news trading. For example with my current broker Hotforex I see that execution time increases a bit and slippage appears in execution during news release however it's decent...
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    Best trading strategy

    What have you tried and how do you explain your failure? It is important to learn from your mistakes if you want to become better in trading.:unsure:
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    General EUR/USD Signals by Hot Forex Signal 4.00 star(s) 3 Votes

    Are you affiliated with Hotforex broker or an independent service provider?
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    Forex basics for beginners

    Does it support installation to MT5 (Hotforex broker)?
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    Forex Trading in practice

    Can you suggest me some good books about price action. Currently I'm watching Hotforex webinars about scalping but I feel that information is incomplete despite good educative approach. Most interesting books I found in the internet are sold on Amazon but I'd like to start from a free stuff.
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