ea buysell

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    Ea ant-GUBreakout Indicator 2019

    bro, if you're not doing anything, could you make an ea ea of this indicator? with trailing stop and break even, because I would like to use it in the breaking of the London session, but it is very early here in Brazil I do not own mql4 file, sorry and if possible, and that of indicator_1, but...
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    Ea cycle-identifier monthly 180% 2019

    I have downloaded you best EA to test later this month. I am sharing this indicator cycle-identifier with you so that maybe you can prepare an EA to share with your fellow traders. I find that this indicator is very good when trading with the trend. Let me know your thoughts. thanks, Michael
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    EA (bullseye _forecaster) ex4 2019

    Hi, could you make an EA using this indicator. I find it's excellent for long term trading. I understand you might need an mq4 file, however if possible, try using the first (bullseye _forecaster) ex4 of this file because it maybe better. The mq4 version of this (bullseye educated) is a little...
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    I will make a Free EA with your Indicator

    Other one! 2 BTest for this EA With the rest I could not do anything friend ... I sincerely believe that by doing more tests, and playing with the SL TP, your indicators have a good future
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    Profitable EA EA BUYSELL

    EA buysell is a good EA worthy of its service.it is poverty killer. its performance has been encouraging.
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