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  1. J

    Hi, any comment about NO Sleep EA, anyone using it now September 2019? 2.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Hi, any comment about NO Sleep EA, anyone using it now September 2019?
  2. E

    New EA GPS Robot

    anyone have this ea please share it ?
  3. A

    what is the best EA out there?

    hey guys, i really wanna find the best ea out there like more kinda set and forget EA that will constantly make money and will not leave me with huge floating negative i hope anyone could help with that??
  4. Marho Orakah

    Profitable EA Most Profitable EA Over Time 3.70 star(s) 7 Votes

    Which of the EAs below have you used that's brought you more results? Thunderbird V10 Bag EA FX Profit Key V2 TSR V6 2019 EA Legend Expert Advisor Life Changer EA EA PatrolRobotFX Omen 5.0 Dragon EA AF-Investing If you've used any good one that's not on the list, kindly post it. I also need...
  5. R

    Strategy Golden Turtle forex system2

    FREE MANUAL SYSTEM CODE MT0507 Golden Turtle forex system2
  6. R

    Suggestion IMONEY 5.1 & 4.1

    MT4 LATEST BUILD VERSION NOTES: Pair trading: EUR/USD,AUD/USD,USD/CAD Timeframe: M5 Broker : IC-Market,Pepperstone Deposit: 100$

    Profitable EA JEWEL SPACE V12 unlimited

    Recommended pairs: EURUSD, EURCHF Time frame: M15 Recommended Lot Size to Account Balance (Standard Account) Lot Size Account Balance Low Risk TP 0.01 $0.5 $100 0.02 $1.0 $200 0.03 $1.5 $300 0.04 $2.0 $400 0.05 $2.5 $500 0.06 $3.0 $600 0.07 $3.5 $700 0.08 $4.0 $800 0.09 $4.5 $900...
  8. abhilash

    Strategy Elite60z

    The Elite Indicators - Superior Trading Indicators What Makes the Elite Indicators the Best Trading Indicators on the Market? We understand what traders want from their trading indicators. And we understand what traders need to be successful. The Elite Indicators are the product of an...
  9. abhilash

    Profitable EA CoreFX EA #License Full Unlimited 4.00 star(s) 1 Vote

    Advisor CoreFX EA License Full Unlimited Currency pair EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURAUD and XAUUSD. H1 time frame Minimum recommended account size $ 5,000 or 5,000 USC (cent account). PS Advisor trades in 1010 build, archive _https: //yadi.sk/d/b3NDUuj73J9Jac, that it has not been updated, place the root...
  10. abhilash

    New EA AMP-POeav6

    All you people are going to be shocked now with my new creation. Its a price action EA developed by myself. Entries and exits are very perfect. Its a safe EA using proper stop loss functionality. It has got many options, Users can set different trailing stop options. But at the moment with...
  11. abhilash


    Grid is a money maker in weak market, while a disaster in trending market. Maybe you can consider close all positions at some time, and run it totally again at another time, just like a fisher. This is AIGrid System With Manual Control. I wrote this EA at 2009, now I share it with you, glad to...
  12. rakeshld

    Profitable EA finally we made ea that make 40-45% monthly

    every one need money and profit. you all have try to much finding best ea,system,indicator every thing but never got profit confuse.. market nature every day change so when we found any system work today after sometime that system not work ...and you got lose.. we also work to much time to day...
  13. Đ

    Profitable EA Can anybody help share EA?

    Please Masters be share others EA profitable. gmail : ngocanh.haxa@gmail.com

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