1. J

    General Forex - Trump said that US interest rates can be reduced to negative interest rates

    US President Trump re-introduced yesterday (11th) that the Federal Reserve should lower interest rates even lower interest rates, and the United States should start refinancing debt, and interest costs can be significantly reduced while extending the maturity. He believes that doing so can...
  2. Dragon

    Profitable EA TrailingStops - EA

    This EA is a tool to be used for scalping, very effective in NFP pending orders. :) enjoy everyone.
  3. F

    General Strong API data, oil prices only weakly rebound OPEC cut production into oil price fluctuations?

    In the early hours of this morning, the latest report released by the American Petroleum Institute (API) showed that US crude oil inventories fell by 7.227 million barrels to 421.9 million barrels last week, and the inventory decline rate far exceeded the market expectations of 2.6 million...
  4. J

    General US security adviser Burton was replaced, gold price brewing rebound

    US President Trump announced through social media that he had asked Bolton to leave the White House last night (10th). The content said that I and the rest of the government did not agree with many of his suggestions,so I asked Bolton to make Resigned, and the resignation has been submitted this...
  5. F

    General Forex - The situation of dragging the Europeans is coming again

    Following the passage of the British Parliament to block the non-agreement of the Brexit Act, British Prime Minister Johnson once again suffered a major blow yesterday. The parliament voted on the motion for early elections, but in the end failed to hope that the prime minister would like to...
  6. J

    General The price of gold rose sharply.

    Last week, Sino-US trade frictions will restart news of negotiations. Market risk aversion has cooled down immediately, and risk-averse debts have fallen. From the perspective of capital flows, we have observed investment-grade bonds that have been the leader of the bond market in the past few...
  7. F

    General Forex - The ECB meeting is coming, will not only cut interest rates but also launch QE?

    On Thursday, the European Central Bank will announce the latest interest rate decision. With the continued decline in data such as manufacturing PMI and the Fed’s shift towards monetary policy, the bank has also changed the idea of “increasing interest rates” at the beginning of the year...
  8. J

    General Forex - Non-agricultural employment data is not as expected

    Last week (6th), the Labor Department announced that the number of non-agricultural employment in August increased by only 130,000, far below the market expectation of 163,000. The main factor is that the number of employees in the retail industry has decreased for seven consecutive months, but...
  9. J

    General Forex - Johnson suffered setbacks and the pound rebounded hundreds of points

    Fundamental review With the approaching of October 31, the British Prime Minister Johnson became more and more aware that the possibility of leaving the EU after the agreement with the EU has been declining, so he began to prepare for 'no agreement to leave the EU.' However, on Wednesday, the...
  10. J

    General Forex - The Beige Book points out that the US economy continues to be strong

    The European Central Bank (ECB) president nominee Lagarde mentioned that the European Central Bank"s (ECB) current policy stance rationalization challenge has not disappeared, the eurozone economy faces some recent risks, mainly related to external factors, inflation is also continuing Below the...
  11. J

    General US economic data once again fell below the glory line

    The United States announced yesterday (3rd) that the manufacturing index for August was 49.1, lower than the three-year low of 51.2 in July, which was below the 50-year-old glory line for the first time in three years, and the order, production, and The employment index fell in full, suggesting...
  12. J

    General The price of gold has fluctuated slightly

    Forex News Yesterday (2nd) The strong rebound at the bottom of the UK stock market led to a general increase in European stock markets. However, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that British Prime Minister Johnson is considering that if a member of Congress tries to prevent...
  13. J

    General The world is about to enter a negative interest rate environment

    As the global economic growth gradually slows down, long-term public debts flood into large amounts of money, and negative interest rates may occur, making gold prices likely to hit an all-time high of $1920/oz at the end of this year (2019). Should the Federal Reserve (Fed) cut its interest...
  14. J

    General The euro continues to move closer to the 1.10 mark

    The European Central Bank’s governor, Nott, and others unexpectedly released hawkish remarks in opposition to President-elect Lagarde. Knott said: There is no need to restart QE at present because there is no liquidity in the Eurozone. The remarks echoed the outgoing ECB’s statement, Nowotny...
  15. J

    General Market remains optimistic about global stock markets

    Reuters conducted a recent survey of market stock analysts, and the results show that the general analysts are still optimistic that global stock markets will continue to rise in the next year, mainly because central banks will continue monetary easing, covering up the concerns of Sino-US trade...
  16. J

    General The British Prime Minister has agreed to close the parliamentary gold price trend without any shock

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government yesterday (28th) directly asked Queen Elizabeth II to order the closure of the parliament. The Queen, who is currently on vacation, has agreed to adjourn the meeting for five weeks and is scheduled to resume Congress on October 14th. There are 17...
  17. J

    General The US bond yield curve is upside down and the gold price trend is revised again - MT4

    US stocks oscillated in the past yesterday (27th), mainly due to the inversion of the US 2-year and 10-year bond yield curve, highlighting the rising fears of market investors' slowdown in global economic growth caused by the US economic recession. The Federal Reserve (Fed) held a...
  18. J

    General Trump claims that Sino-US trade negotiations are expected to be optimistic

    US stocks rebounded sharply yesterday (26th), as US President Trump said he expected to reach a Sino-US trade agreement with China. He mentioned that the prospect of reaching an agreement with China is compared with that since last year’s negotiations. The optimism comes because China’s economic...
  19. J

    General Sino-US trade sides add retaliatory tariffs, gold prices are unstoppable

    Sino-US trade frictions have become more and more fierce. The Chinese side announced on Friday (23rd) that it will impose an additional 5-10% tariff on US$75 billion of US products, including automobiles, crude oil, and agricultural products, scheduled for September 1. The day and December 15...
  20. J

    US manufacturing PMI data is shrinking

    The United States yesterday (22nd) announced that the Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) fell to 49.9 in August, the first time since September 2009 that it was below the symbolic economic boom below 50, indicating that the economic climate is in a period of shrinking. On the...

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