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The fugitive Onecoin’s Cryptoqueen allegedly holds 230 000 bitcoins


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According to the latest reports, Ruja Ignatova, once known as the Cryptoqueen, and alleged perpetrator of one of the biggest Ponzi schemes ever, owns some 8 billion dollars in Bitcoin, or about 230,000 Bitcoins.

According to court documents, filed by victims by the OneCoin Ponzi scheme, Ignatova possibly received the cryptocurrency from a Dubai royal - Sheikh Al Qassimi, who is the son of one of the richest people in the UAE. Qassimi allegedly handed Ignatova four hard wallets (USB devices), that have some 230,000 Bitcoin on them. At the time of the transaction, back in 2017, those Bitcoins were worth about 50 million dollars. What is more, at the time Ignatova received those Bitcoins she was already the subject of an investigation. On top of everything else, Ignatova allegedly received diplomatic credentials from the United Arab Emirates so that she could travel freely even after a warrant for her arrest was issued in the USA.

To this day this lady has not been apprehended. It's amazing how she got away with so much.

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