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Profitable EA Forex Profit Machine

Forex Profit Machine is known as a fast trend following trading system. It uses crossover signals to detect the trend and trade opportunities and also filters its signals with other indicator filters. Great backtest results with maximum winning rates have made this trading strategy quite special to trend based traders.

Forex Profit Machine can be applied to trade all forex currency pairs available at the MT4 trading terminal. Furthermore, this system fits with all sort of timeframe charts so that from scalpers to intraday traders all can be benefited while trading at the market.


Forex Profit Machine Overview

After installing Forex Profit Machine at your forex MT4 terminal, your trading chart will appear like the following image:

Time Frame Currency Pairs Indicator Factors Ratings
Any 3 9.8/10

Forex Profit Machine Anatomy

  • System APB Mod2: It appears as the main price bar at the chart window and directly signals the trend just by changing its color. It turns yellow when the trend is bullish and turns red to signal the bearish trend respectively.
  • BOC2: This too is used as a trend filter. It produces the crossover signal to indicate the possible upcoming trend. You don’t need to detect the crossovers, this indicator itself indicates the crossover patterns through its up/downward arrows around the price bars.
  • i-Gentor: Known as the trend strength meter. It turns green to signal the bullish trend strength and turns red to indicate any bearish thrust existing at the current momentum.

Forex Profit Machine Buy parameters

  • System APB Mod2 turns yellow
  • BOC2 plots the bullish crossover and an upward arrow below the price bar
  • i-Gentor turns green to support the possible bullish momentum
  • Buy triggers after all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop-loss below the BOC2 arrow level
  • Exit long/take profit when System ADB Mod2 turns red and closes inside DOC2 area.

Forex Profit Machine Sell parameters

  • System APB Mod2 turns red
  • BOC2 plots the bearish crossover and a downward arrow above the price bar
  • i-Gentor turns red to support the possible bearish momentum
  • Sell triggers after all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop-loss above the BOC2 arrow level
  • Exit short/take profit when System ADB Mod2 turns yellow and closes inside DOC2 area.



New Member
This is not a EA. It is manual/descretionary trading system. I tested it on demo for 1 month and it is works provided you follow the rules strictly. Better works on H1 and up. H4 is my favorite.


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