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EUR/USD had a mixed week with things moving towards the positive zone before turning around towards the negative one. It is likely to stay in the uneven zone with so much development going on ahead. It will be good time to do short trades.

GBP/USD was bullish to start the week but from Tuesday onwards, there was a noticeable drop which took it below 1.22 mark. We are going to find it staying and that’s where opportunity to do shorts is a major possibility.

USD/JPY was neutral throughout the week as we saw the pair staying between 108-107 price zone and seems to be staying there for a long time now. The week ahead is looking at the same trending, so it will be a good opportunity to go for quick and short trades.

EUR/JPY was extremely bullish this week with getting nearly 250 pips. And is highly likely that we will witness turn around as well. However, the overall trending is very much for the bullish run and that’s why it will be good to buy up.



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Eur/Usd: Just on the hourly chart this pair is losing its price but starting the day it looks uptrend so on a daily chart price is going up with a slow-motion and next resistance is 1.1155 so if that cross then next on will be 1.1200 level but investors are waiting for upcoming events.

Usd/Cad: As on Wednesday starting the day this pair dropped and stayed 1.3550 level but in an hourly chart moved sharply and at the time when I am writing it moves around 1.3555 level. If we look at the four-hour chart then we will see continuous downtrend and it might continue as the Oil price is still gaining.

Aud/Usd: In an hourly chart Aud/Usd is making some price correction but on the daily chart, it looks shart uptrend starting the day gained around 60 pips while uptrend might be more due next big event and if the central bank provides positive news then the next resistance will be 0.6800 level.

Eur/Chf: Due to funding recovery Eur is gaining from the last week but if we look at today's hourly chart then it continues to lose its price and support is seen initially at 1.0674, then 1.0662/56, ahead of 1.0589/76 but if the trend goes up then next resistance will be 1.0710/17.


EUR/USD during the week has seen relatively mixed movement across, as there is no certainty at all with it. So we are better to be playing safe by scalping instead of trying to target long term route. It would be most beneficial thing to do right now.

GBP/USD was negative on the opening day but now is moving towards strong bullish trend with price fighting it out at 1:24 mark. It I likely to stick around same level and therefore, it would be nice time to buy if there is any kind of recovery at present.

USD/JPY is highly bullish during this week so far. We have witness over 100 pips rise and most likely, we are going to see things continue in same format ahead too. So it will be good opportunity to go for buying here but only on a dip.

EUR/JPY is in bullish trend so far during the week. We are highly likely to witness similar trending ahead this week. So most likely it will be good time to go for buy but it can be better if done with strict risk/money management to benefit most.

EUR/USD: After continuous jumping euro slipped a bit at the end of the day and the price moved at around 1.1786 range now for next week it can continue its uptrend as still, Euro has many positive aspects so let's see whats going on in the upcoming week.

GBP/USD: If we take a look at last week chart then we will see some price correction in last day where it dropped around 150 pips but at the last hour it gained some price where moved to 1.3055 level so for next week it might go 1.3000 level and if that touch then 1.2970 will be next support.

GBP/JPY: For the upcoming week GBP might go uptrend mode as the dollar has still in pressure due to coronavirus so if the price continuous then next resistance will be 1.3200 level and if that price touch then 1.3290 will be for sure.

Aud/Usd: Due to very fewer corona cases AUD is gained massive price movement from the last couple of month and still it's trying to go more uptrend where just last week it dropped a bit and moving at 0.7158 range so if the price goes downtrend then next support will be 0.7130 level.

Eur/Usd: In an hourly chart Euro loses its price where the price moves at around 1950 but if we do a bit of technical analysis then still we will send a strong buy for this pair where the next resistance is 1.2010/10.2025 level.

GBP/USD: Due to excessive dollar negative news GBP gained too much from the last couple of month and now if we take a look at last hour chart then we will see shart downtrend where the price moving at around 1.3440 range where still there is too much buy pressure for this pair.

USD/JPY: In an hourly chart these pairs gain a few good prices and if we do a concrete search on Fundamental analysis then we will see sharp buy pressure so which is why this pair can touch 106.30 at the end of the day so let's see how the things go.

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