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USD/CAD: On the H4 chart these pairs are going for uptrend only and might go gain more pairs within the next few hours since Euro is dropping continuously so if the trend goes positively then the next resistance will be 1.3060 or 1.3085 level.

BTC/USD is running in a very bullish tone, as we can see it in touching distance from 12k, so it is very much a wait and watch scenario. With the US election on-board, it will be interesting where things are going to move. Overall, it seems bullish.

ETH/USD unlikely BTC saw a dip and seems to be very much in a steady corner. With a lot of events, especially the US election, it could quickly turn, so right now, it is more of holding period, it could move to any direction with full force. We are bullish on it.

LTC/USD too was very much on the slower side, as we saw things in a very slow yet low zone. It is likely to tease the 50 levels in coming days, but whether it can move pass or not, it is a thing that is almost to wait and see. But trending do call for a higher movement ahead.

BCH/USD surprisingly was down as well much like all other Cryptos aside from BTC. But it is very much obvious that it is not going to stay down for too long, so right now, it is good time to go for buy but must be done with risk management.

BTC/USD: Crypto is gaining continously where few days back bitcoin was around 9k but today its more than 18k even if we look at hourly chart then its still going uptrend so resistance will be 18500 for today.

Xau/Usd: Just on the last day's chart gold went around 40 pips down and at that time it was moving at around 1820 but from starting the day it going for some bull trend so gold could retreat to the 1850 level within a very short time.

USD/CAD: After a massive fall USD is trying to get some price even so far they are trying to explore corona vaccine so if this news come in a short time then this pair will tough more than 1.3500 rapidly.

Aud/Usd: On 15 minutes chart Aud is gaining some prices but in an hourly chart this pair losses slightly higher price so for hourly chart this pair is now making some price correnction and if the correnction done then it will again start to do losses its value.

EUR/USD so far this week has gone very high towards 1.2070 level. It is highly likely that we may see it continue that way only, so it will be a good time to buy with any dip that comes around.

GBP/USD was on the higher side during this week so far with reaching around 1.3425 levels. It is likely to challenge 1.350 levels. However, we may have a chance to go for shorts but must be kept with accurate risk/money management.

USD/JPY was very much mixed so far this week, as we saw it climb up but it was equally fast with dipping out. Right now, it is looking towards bullish one, but due to uncertainty, it is better to do shorter trades or scalping.

EUR/JPY went in full flow, as we saw it jump from 124 to 126 levels. With so much growth, it is highly likely that we may see things continue as it is before closing out downwards, so it will be good time to go for shorts here.

EUR/USD pair was highly negative this week, as we saw the pair dropped nearly 200 pips, it is likely to continue in same pattern ahead as well. It could be time to get into a sell at any pick up point for traders.

GBP/USD pair was in mixed pattern, as we saw the week starting in a positive zone but it went down quickly and now it is more into a bearish trend. It maybe a call for a quick buy here but overall the trend still very much looks down.

USD/JPY was very much mixed with no major movement spotted, as we it go high during first day and then drop before we saw things getting flat out. It will be a good time for one to go for buy here as the long term way.

EUR/JPY was very much bearish during the week, as we saw the pair come near 125 levels before closing out. I will be a good opportunity to go for buy here until it stays above this mark but otherwise, it could be down.

EUR/USD as we see there is a midterm uptrend starting from 1.2030 and stopped at 1.2150. In the recent price action we can sum up the new scenario that is a down trend and continue even though it broke the strong support at 1.2110 and is still going downtrend. It is time to watch the market carefully for a few days.

USD/JPY is now in a mid uptrend position based on the daily chart. Its uptrend started from 102.60 and continues to 106.20. In this uptrend it created a few support levels at different points and is still trying to keep the peace. It’s time to buy and hopping a profit around 1.7.

GBP/USD is on the long term Uptrend from November, 2020 and continues. Every time it's getting new support and resistance. Now it is just crossed the height Resistance at 1.400 and it continues. In the last analysis I gave a buy signal at 1.3660 therefore if it comes to 1.3900 , a new buy signal will arise again.

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