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IC Markets or FPMarkets?

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New Member
I only had an account with IC Markets and won't ever go back or advice anyone to use them. They lie big about their spread. Don't believe what's on their website. On MT4 you will see huge spread.


New Member
most of people use IC Markets, and i use to trade with that broker. so i recoment to you IC Markets (i haven't try FPMarkets )

Lene Hutmacher

New Member
I used to trade with FP Markets. They're a decent broker never had issues with withdrawals.
Didn't try IC yet because I saw so many bad reviews about them. Reputation is everything when it comes to forex brokers.


New Member
IC Markets has excellent support, low spread, no problem with deposit and withdraw. ( I haven't tried FPMarkets, so I don't know about this broker. )

Flavio Esteves

New Member
Definitely FP Markets from my own experience with both brokers. IC Markets lies regarding their trading conditions, they widen the spreads A LOT ans slippage is huge. Platforms freeze all the time and he server crashed around 5 times in 6 months while I was trading!
They almost never executed my stop loss or take profit without slippage! Thankfully I gave FP Markets a try although I was skeptic at beginning, and all seems fine so far, I will make sure to update the thread if someone goes wrong believe me.

Vince Dunajski

New Member
I can only comment on IC Markets, they used to be good but their service got horrible in the past year this is why I no longer trust them with my money. Fed up with freezing platform and slow servers. Support takes forever to reply, on live chat you need to wait forever just to find out they can't help you. (n)

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