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Very good VPS


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[QUOTE = "Eric de Oliveira Freitas, post: 8417, miembro: 63200"] El alojamiento de enrutadores es un buen VPS 9,95 $ u 8 $ (planes semestrales) con ssd y buen CPU. Estoy usando 10 mt4 en un vps.
Usé el soporte y me gustó mucho.
Enlace: https://support.routerhosting.com/aff.php?aff=373 [/ QUOTE]
AlabamaAlgún vos
UNAs que pueda probar


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[QUOTE = "ARMYRIDZ, post: 8424, miembro: 63163"] Yo uso vps baratos 15 $ / m y funciona bien [/ QUOTE]

Cuál es el que usas para ti

The Guvna

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I use contabo.com they are pretty decent machines, but once you add windows, price gets heavy :/ will check out this one, thanks. This site is great.


Router hosting is a good VPS 9,95$ or 8$ (semestral plans) with ssd and good CPU. I´m using 10 mt4 in one vps.
I used support and i liked so much.
Link: https://support.routerhosting.com/aff.php?aff=373
Please don't do that. Don't be greedy! You are definitely on the wrong way :)

A conservative guideline is 3-4 MT4 terminals (with a handful of charts) per CPU core (!). If you run too many terminals, you may overload your VPS CPU! This will disconnect your VPS and may interrupt your trading.

It is best to run each MT4 on a VPS as “lean” as possible. Run only exactly what is needed and nothing more.


Maybe you like digitalforex.com
Price is 10$. Latency to New York brokers <2 ms
You can enter "forexforum" as coupon and you can get free access to all forex tools posted on the website.

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