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Strategy FOREX EXCEL (Analysis of Money)


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Under this title, I will try to share the daily data of a commercial forex system. But I will analyze the currency, not the parity.
I hope that the forum members visiting this topic will be able to dominate the day and change your forex perspective by logging into the excel file where I will share the data to be shared several times a day.
ForexEND v1 page details
1- Input fields of the data to be shared
2-From left to right, monthly-2 weekly, 1-week and 2-day parity trend values
3 Months - 2 weeks - weekly and 2-day power bars from left to right
4- Total power of x+y coin
5- x+y total money graph
6- 2 parity trends consisting of left and right wings of 4 parity equations
7- Monthly, 2-week, weekly and 2-day trend graphs of parities from left to right
(Translation is used in the explanations. Although some patterns are not fully translated, I hope that we can achieve what is meant in numerical forex.)
8 main currencies are used in 7 parities on the Forex base.
And their ranking is a mathematical art.
When analyzing a pair, you only look at 1 pair. The GBP-jPY pair moves with the combined strength of 7 gbp and 7 jpy pairs.
The difference between GBPAUD and CADCHF will be filled, the action to be taken is to sell gbpaud and buy cadchf.


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