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Hello beautiful traders I'm new here

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Hello and hope you are doing well. Just wondering if you already found the powerful indicator that you were looking for. My humble advice would be to not rely too much on any indicator and just sharpen your analytical skills. Still, I would suggest you try some advanced indicators like Fibonacci levels as they are far more reliable in my opinion.


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Trading success can be achieved with the help of knowledge and skills, not just indicators. It is not a good practice to blindly follow what an indicator suggests without an actual plan or strategy.


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Welcome to all new members and i wish you all the best in the journey of trading,you know they say knowledge is power so keep learning you'll be fine.


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Hello, welcome to the forum! When approaching the market sentiment, it is only logical to rely on knowledge rather than indicators. As a beginner, concentrate on learning new skills and study market psychology. It’ll help more! Good luck.


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Welcome! There is not a single indicator or a strategy that will make you a successful trader. There are many other things. Keep an open mind and stay updated with the market and this way you will not lose your edge.


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Hello trader, you should stop using these indicators and rather strengthen your analysis skills on price chart patterns. Depending on your strategy, you can use EMA, RSI, MA or ATR as required. But I’d suggest prioritising price actions, because it will prove more beneficial than relying solely on indicators.


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Welcome to the forum, instead of focusing on an indicator, increase your knowledge and understand the market sentiment, as that’ll help you in the long term. Good luck.


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All the best for your journey ahead. As a new trader, focus more on educating yourself and less on making money. If you spend your initial time on practising and learning things you will end up making profits in the long-run.


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Hey! I am pleased that I came across this thread. So, really it has been a year. I would like to hear about your trading experience till now.


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I think you should rely on your own mind instead of an EA. Read and watch videos to gain familiarity with the market sentiment. Spend time analysing the market and strategize accordingly. Manual trading is the best way to go long term wise.


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welcome to our amazing forex forum platform, if you need any help please reply to this message thank you.


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Hey, I must say that you have chosen a great forum to learn. Stay active here and keep learning from your senior traders.


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Hello, welcome to the forum! How is your experience in the market so far? You need patience, skill and knowledge to reach your goals, make the most of whatever comes your way. Good luck!

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