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do you guys love trading?

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Yes, I enjoy trading. It is a fantastic opportunity to make money. Many young people are now entering the market and making trading their full-time profession.


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There is no other reason that I am doing trading except for the reason that I love it. My experience as a trader is so thrilling and my constant focus is how to grow in the long term. There are times when things don’t work out, but if you keep a proper attitude and focus on learning, things will eventually turn out to be in your favour.


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I do love trading but I still treat it like a job or profession. I enjoy being a trader but at the same time I try to be serious about it. It is good to love what you do but that should not make you emotional at any point especially when it comes to forex trading. It is better to not get emotionally attached to trading rather you can see it like a task you need to get done for making money.
I would say I love the opportunity trading has given me to stay home with my kids and make money. As for the process, it can be kind of boring, but I just think of it as work.


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I also love trading a lot. However, it was not something that happened in a day. It took me some time to find joy in trading. The initial phase was rather challenging than enjoyable. But now I am at a point where I can say that I enjoy being a forex trader and it is a job that feels fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.


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Yup! I love forex trading. Although the beginning of this journey has been quite rocky and bumpy, once I even blew my account, but we are humans after all. What matters is how well you learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. For me, I learnt my mistakes quite well, and was more careful and wise everytime I failed. Finally, after years of trading, I grew up loving forex and making consistent profits with it.


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Surely. I like to do things that challenge me like forex trading. It makes me more disciplined, focused, and I learn new things which are applicable in day-to-day life other than trading.


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Trading has become a major part of my daily routine. Once I get back home, the first thing I do is check my charts and find entry signals. The time I have spent in the market didn’t only tell me about the market but also my capabilities.

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