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It’s the right time to invest in bitcoin


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If you were looking for the right time to buy bitcoin this one is the best time ever because 2021 it will reach $20k


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If you were looking for the right time to buy bitcoin this one is the best time ever because 2021 it will reach $20k
Can you explain more on why you are making that prediction? Also, what broker are you using to trade it?


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Cryptocurrency trading platforms have seen increased investment and significant growth in BTC. I think it is prime time to buy bitcoin. I buy via https://changehero.io/ exchange platform. And more people will invest in bitcoin due to the covid-19.


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It went up past 10k by the slightest bit last month and now its back down to 9k where its been hovering. Best times to buy in were at 3k/5k-6k...a lot of analysts using past price action post halvening project it going up. With current manipulation however, who knows if it will go up right off the bat or dip down first. One analyst "OpticalArtdotCom" using "ring analysis" on Youtube talks about it crashing to 5k or less first before the run-up.


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Bitcoin market is trading very low now a days and it is very unprictable market so we can not always rely on it.


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after the difficulty of mining doubled (hash rate) in May 2020, we didn't see a great increase in Bitcoin price whereas most people predicted it could be more expensive, Just Corona-Virus made such a price for bitcoin.:censored:
Covid-19 come as deadly virus in the world. It also harms financial market severally. But world saw huge increase in trading due to lockdown. People who want to make from home, come in the market for earning. However, trading is not easy. Trader need knowledge to become successful in the market. I am a trader too. I am trading Eurotrader. It took my 2 years but I am still surviving in the market.

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