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Forex-Flex-EA-4.91 with good result EURUSD

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yes, it doesn't look bad, but watch out for the drawdowns and don't underestimate them! if they come, it will wear you down. So try to reduce the risk until almost no DD occurs and the relative DD that is displayed in the tester is very low; optimize and test the other parameters in between
Good luck
i have different result at the real account and different result if i test strategy. Have you same problem?


Hello jaffa,
I think that you will never get the same results because its a grid ea in the default settings it is not a trend following system, unless use the settings for "trend surfer for example or combine settings...
Also when backtesting, when you begin one day earlier your test, you will get also different results. On the other hand sometimes even if your TP should be hit, it will not be trigered when broker cheats or because of spread etc...i have made this experience


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Flex EA 4.91
I need to explain and clarify a few things about this EA here:
- this EA is one of the best out there in my opinion. It is one of the few that contain multiple EAs !! I didn't count them all and also the combinations, but there are definitely more than 10 !!!
- I CANNOT confirm what rumors are spread in some forums because of reading the history. What I was able to observe during the very, very many back tests was that when the EA is in "trend mode", for example, the message "Timeframe must be lower then D1" appears on the chart. There is probably an indicator that checks on a higher timeframe the main direction before opening a trade in a lower timeframe !! and that is absolutely remarkable !!!!!! this is one of the best strategies to always open a trade in direction of the main trend.
So he reads the higher timeframe, so what ?! that's great !!
I also know that it is not that easy to add a higher timeframe to an EA when it is running on a smaller timeframe
-I also cannot confirm reading the forward history during backtesting for the following reason:
Through many back tests - also visually - I was able to observe (depending on the parameters and settings) that the EA lets some of the trades run for up to 10 days at certain times before it is closed in profit. It took the EA 10 days for this trade to reach the price level and TP for closing the trade. So if the EA were to read the "forward history" during backtesting, then such long-lasting trades would NOT occur on a smaller timeframe! !! That is the proof that he doesn’t read any history while backtesting to make the graphics more nicer ...

And in 2 months I have only been able to test two strategies, ONLY parts of them !!!! That's how extensive this ÉA is. Do you want stochastic-no problem, RSI no problem either, TDI no problem, EMA no issue and so on .... If such an EA is too complicated for a trader, keep your hands off it.
The best way to get a perfect setfiles is to take a standard setfile and test it with umpteen different settings until you understand how the EA works and then find the right setfiles

I could only admire such a coderOk handOk handOk handOk handOk handclapping handsclapping handsclapping hands

here are some setfiles. Please keep in mind that they
are quite aggressive.
- leverage 1: 400 also depends on your broker
always test, optimize and then run on a demo account first
- reduce the risk, then the drawdown will also be lower and then backtest again

have fun:)
Hi fomtuh, thank you for your in-depth inputs. As soon as I'm able to download the files I will try out various combinations and contribute the results in here. Thank you again.


Hello everybody is wellcome,
here is a text file with the original explanations for the flex EA, just that you understand for what are the settings for
I think that they have taken this page from the net. It is probably available only for subscribers now.
Please be aware that files from 4.95 dont work with 4.91 and vice versa.

stay green !!:)



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Hi fomtuh
Thank you for your extremely informative and educational input on this thread.
You should consider starting your own thread with regards to this EA, I for one would take great pleasure in reading along with many others I'm sure.
Staying green bud Ok hand
clapping hands


Thank you very much, so far so good on demo account
And try to filter also with momentum or TDI or try using hedging or recovering, combine strategies and backtest, backtest, backtest, backtest and save your files and your observations:)


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And try to filter also with momentum or TDI or try using hedging or recovering, combine strategies and backtest, backtest, backtest, backtest and save your files and your observations:)
You got it chief. I'll documented all the settings I've tested. The good, the bad and the ugly :LOL:


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I tested forex flex on the EURUSD with good back test result. Have you any good advice with this ea?
Thank you
Hello kobistop,
here is the version i have downloaded.
i used it on demo. I haven't tried it on real account yet. it's an unlimited version. The news indicator does not work.....
About the settings; please read my other posts, how you should make your backtesting
Stay green !!:)

Please for mt5 u have this robot to test? I dont use any more mt4:LOL:


Flex version 4.91warning
hello to all members interested on this EA.
please be carefull using this EA. After spending so much time with optmizing and finding my own setfiles, i observed some sttange things with this EA.
_was running the EA on a demo and had a DD. So i wanted to backtest this period of time with the mt4 tester. So backtesting this time period 2x times ,
got at the first time realistic results and after that the second backtest showed a smoother graf.
SO either the ea was not working like it should, or it is intented to smooth the graf during backtests. So i took the version 4.85 and made a backtest for the same period.
The result was more realistic, but under my expectations. So, maybe when i have time will test and optimize the version 4.85
Be carefull !!:(


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thanks for sharing , i hope it is working with 300$ account on EURUSD , the backtest shows promise profits


Hi there,
thanks for your clarification
Could you perhaps explain in more detail how to check an EA in general if it reads forward history, as there seem to be many EAs circulating on the internet that do the same.
Maybe with a few screenshots or something. Do you check this during backtesting or when the EA has already been dragged onto the chart?

Thank you very much

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