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I cant believe forex has changed my life

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The is nothing better then waking up in the morning and opening your laptop and find a good trade ,executing and making moneh
I'm a newbie at trading. I have so much to learn. I pray i can find the right system for me. Trading Forex Successfully is like winning the lottery everyday:))


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It should not be forgotten that without education, there is no permanent money from this market. if you're winning you're just in luck


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Yes, but it works both ways. You can be as down as happy when seeing a big red number in the morning
I crashed 2 accounts already, nothing too spectacular, around 15k, but it was a lesson to be learned. Now I am trading without emotions, and it is WAY BETTER. All my collegues at work are not beyond this point and seeing their hopes and illusions are killing me :D But everyone has to do the experience on their own. Sad but true.

All the best and hopefully more green than red numbers on your screen!
yes in this life need to hide emotions and free time .. bad choice but anyway every one looking self independence ways


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How long did it take you to trade profitably. Some report that it takes several years of experience?


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may be you can share your journey, from the beginning until you make consistent profit and trading for living. If possible, please share your strategy, thanks a lot.

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