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Ctrader vs mt4

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ctrader still does not support multisymbol in the backtesting...
without it, it is clearly inferior to metatrader 5.


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Base on your own experience which one is the best Ctrader broker to try for the first time?


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both platforms are good. MT has a huge base of indicators and wide list of brokers. But cTrader has open API that give access to other platforms.


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MT4.. its all we need.
There are many indicators you can use in mt4 by the way.

Ctrader are good too but i will probably choose mt4 over ctrader.

Lene Hutmacher

New Member
cTrader is a great platform, and it has unique features, like smart stop out. You can double the trades in one click, or you can close all trades at once. The execution is faster than MT4, platform is less glitchy. Lots of free indicators. Even the platform itself looks more luxurious so to say.


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what the solution if one ea only work on one open chart?? if more than 1 chart opened, ea stop working


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Personally, I like MT4, because it is much more standard and its programming language is more widespread and has many, but many expert advisors where to dive


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I've tried both platforms. both of them have pros and cons. If you don't mind about indicators go for Ctrader. personally I analyze on Trading View. I use MT4 only to enter the trade.


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ctrader is very good software. Smart close of your order, especially in case of stopout. you can also see the percentages of buyers and sellers


I have been wanting to give ctrader a try but i have been too lazy to actually jump into it.. maybe i'll do it this weekend and report back on what i observe.


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Ctrader is very interesting because you can set the charts with ticks and not with the simple timeframes of 1, 5 15 30 minutes etc

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