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do you guys love trading?


i love trading and i want to know how other traders feel about it and see their opinion about this massive world
Yeah currency speculation is fun hard to stay emotionally detached from this business however I pay attention to limit my emotional involvement by setting stop loss and honouring daily targets.

Daantje Pieters

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There is no reason not to love trading and good trading can yield higher return for you. So, a trader should refine his faulty trading method day by day to improve. Traders need to trade faultlessly and for so they need to analyze the market scrutinizely.


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If a person has an anxious and/or nervous personality they may not love trading after all. Every person is different, there's no shame in realizing trading is not for you and moving onto something else, I think.
Of course, I do! That’s what has kept me trading for so long. It gets frustrating sometimes like the love of my life (Lol) but as it is profitable most times, I can’t think of having a career without trading as a source of income.
Absolutely! Starting with forex trading is one of the best decisions of my career. Though, the journey wasn’t easy in the beginning. I also blew my account twice. But with the help of meteors and fellow traders I made good progress.

Daantje Pieters

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Trading is always loving if it gives enough profit to traders. So, traders should enhance their knowledge of trading so that trading becomes loving to then.
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Been doing it for a number of years now! However, I'm the impatient guy so I'm more obsessed now with creating EAs and soon to build an army of them.


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Do you think traders who mostly lose don't really love trading then?
I don't think so. I was on a losing streak before and I love trading. I was already about to give up at that time. But read some "conspiracies" around the web about broker manipulation. Then I changed brokers and realized it was not really my fault afterall.


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Yes! Without a doubt, it's one of my favourite things in the world. It's convenient, fast, makes me happy and of course financially independent. I would definitely recommend trading to any and all people.


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Absolutely. Trading is something that I genuinely enjoy and love, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. It's something that has brought me a lot of joy and comfort over the years, and it also brings in a profit for me. I would personally recommend pursuing it as a career.


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Yes I absolutely love trading and that is why I am trading forex. I would never do anything that I don’t like. However, it is emotionally challenging and stressful. You may get frustrated at times but with a good knowledge and experience, you can become a successful forex trader.

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