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Finding the best time to trade

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Hello guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen.

I hope someone can help me with this issue I am having.

I am trying to find the best time to trade certain pairs.
how do I know when the best time is.
I am new to trading:)


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Yen and AUD is usually Asia Session

Eur, GBP and USD is usually London and NY session... this is all subjecive but thats the general consensus.. I would look up correlation pairs


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all i can help you is don't trade where everyone is trading ... a lot of manipulation is going to happen especially in the USD pairs
A good trader always keeps in mind that he has to make profit from this market. To achieve that goal he has to do some important thing. One of them is to select a good broker. It is not an easy task. There are so many brokers in the forex market. Some are good and some are bad. So, It is quite difficult to choose the best broker without any suggestion or information and knowledge. There are so many financial advisers in the market who can help you to choose the broker. One of them is AtoZ Markets. They provide brokers reviews which can help a trader to select the best broker from this vast market.


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finding the best time to trade is very useful, and i have an indicator caled ict kill zones, those are my best time or zones i trade.
Risk is a common issue in forex market. There is no trader who can trade without any risk. We can not remove risks but we can minimize the risk by studying more and more about forex market. We can also select a good broker to get the guideline of minimizing the risks. I always trade with TP Global FX, a regulated broker. They help me to minimize the risk and help to make profit. They are like a complete guideline for me in this risky market.


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I know I am in a place where about 3pm to 6pm everyday there is a slowdown. I believe this is when the New York session is winding down and the London session is starting.
However, regardless of time.
I think the BEST time to trade is when you identify and opportunity and then are able to take advantage of it. (Market has to cooperate - and that is the trick! )

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