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Is Forex really real?


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It's real and people trade trillions every day. That is a fact. That said, there are also plenty of scammers taking advantage of people who don't know what they are doing.


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In Europe, Brokers need to publish the results. Between 70 and 85% (depending on the broker) account loose money. It’s even more for traders, as successfull traders open accounts at different brokerage companies, and they keep their account open for years, whereas loosers will not stay very long. So there is a constant flow of beginners. So at the end, it’s likely much less than 5% of retail traders who are winning IMHO.


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not even 5% are making money in forex. most of them are just surviving. you need to combine trading with something else.


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Of course I will continue trading as I am one the winner :)

I’m still not rich, however, if I had worked at Mc Donald’s all the hour I spent on the forex, I would have won more I think (not 100% sure, maybe I won more trading, but not a lot). Now to be honest, things are starting getting better with years of experience :) In my first years, I lost, then goode result arrived, but still, I’m not sure I’m gonna end 2020 in the green. I trade because I find it fun, not to get rich quickly... If you want to get rich quickly, you have very high chances to loose money. Trading is about thinking, whatever your strategies, not about do nothing and get rich.
Yes, of course, Forex is real and it is possible to make a lot of profit by trading in this market. Trading must be able to make a lot of money by actual knowledge. Because it is not possible to make a profit without trading knowledge. By maintaining discipline and trading, it is possible to create a positive trading setup. I trade on Eurotrader brokers. This broker helps me a lot.


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I am very protectful of all our members. We don't have a stressful thread... no name calling allowed. I'll delete anyone who starts any problems. If you have a problem PM me and don't post it. If your not happy... please move on quietly. I'd do the same for you. You want Stress Free learning... come join us...

Really can't understand something... PM me your phone number and best time to call and I'll clear it up for you looking at an FXDD Demo chart so we are looking at the same chart.



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i keep asking the same thing but the blind answer is yes its real but you need good knowledge of the market and if possible good capital to catch 10 pips with 1 lot is 100$ and the market maker aint selfish with 10pips


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That depends on what you mean by "real". If you mean whether it actually exists, I am not sure whether a further answer than "yes" is necessary. If you're asking whether one can actually profit from it, then more explanation is obviously necessary.
Definitely Real. If it weren't for Real, we wouldn't have so many people together. Has achieved a lot of success by trying. But in this case, you have to work with a positive mindset. It is not possible to gain trading profit without a positive mindset. It is possible to gain satisfaction by making a profit if you can take trading education with patience.

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