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what is the best crypto (specially binance) account managers?

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Hi Gerard, frxcanal is the best as their program is really based on sharing everything
They share their own money in your trading account
You will have an account in Binance
Then, you will open a sub account under your main account
This sub account will be the account that they trade in
they trade manually 24h a day in this subaccount
Every trade they open, they will send money in USDT from their own account to your own subaccount to support the trade (can you imagine)
Your sub account has 5000 USDT, they will trade in Futures, we will start trading, they will open a trade as example BTCUSDT in size 500 with leverage x10
Then they will send 200 dollars from our own account to your subaccount address as support of the trade, so they share in risk with their own money
Then, when the trade is closed as example in profit 50 USDT , you will send them their 200 usdt plus 50% of the profit made (25 usdt)
Another example:
Your subaccount has 10 000 USDT, they opened BTCUSDT in futures in size of 1000 with leverage x10
they will send 500 USDT from their account to your sub account
When they close the trade as example in profit 100 USDT, you will then send them their 500 usdt plus 50% of the profit made ( 50 usdt in this example)
So they do 2 things
1. they trade for you 24h a day with high profit trades
2. they share you the trading risk so you feel safe that we are not far from you

Really their system is very safe for me

So you never send them any dollar till you gain profit
You gain profit first, then send them their fees plus the money they supported you with
Nice way, but is it on binance only?
will they share money in every trade opened?
when should i send the fees? every day? every trade? every week?
Nice strategy, but, they will share me the risk by sending money in every trade or every day or...?
also will i have to send them their fees every trade? or every day or...?

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