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The fear of losing money is very common.

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Acceptance is the first step in overcoming the anxiety of losing money and trades; even if we strive to avoid it, we will inevitably lose money and have losing transactions. Therefore, it makes no sense to strive to prevent losing trades; instead, we must learn to accept them and control them.


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The fear of losing money is very common among new Forex traders. And for this thing pressurize me more. However, there are some other fears that emerge as obstacles for traders on their way to reach the desired level of performance. Everyone is scared to lose their money. A new trader might be doubtful to trade if he has lost some money in the past. I know psychological courses are very fruitful but as well as expensive. I can't afford those courses. Is there any other way?
It's very difficult to trade if we don't trust ourselves, because if we fear, it means simply that we'll miss a lot of opportunities and while we miss it we'll be confused and able to enter to any position without thinking just because we want to make some profit.


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It is a common emotion that affects almost every trader in the market. However, trading with emotions is not a good idea. Every trader should learn to control their emotions while trading.

Christine Ramon

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Losing money is something no one would want, but whether or not to risk it is completely subjective. If you are interested in trading, there is of course the possibility of losing money as well as making money. If you want high profits, you have to take the risk of losing money. Economics 101: if there is high risk, you may gain high returns but also have high lossess :)

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