200 dollars account project, Rules for 2019 -- apply now

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    1. Open an account with the partnerships brokers at one of the twenty online brokers on the lists available. This account should be an ecn or a stp forex account. It is possible to add an already set account with ecn or stp at an other available online broker, provided that the account is fully verified and ready for trading forex.

    2. Get the account verified on 2 days and after send us the login, pass and investor’s pass for the no deposit bonus account.

    3. Set a webmoney, perfect money or skrill account the same day as the no deposit bonus account open up and get it verified in 2 days.

    4. Withdraw the profits daily in 1 hour and send us via our e-wallet the amount for the split of shares on the same day.

    5. Repeat step 4 during the 2 months of the projects.

    For Hesham Rafat, on the previous posts , for the description of the projects, it is about trading on real accounts with 200 usd deposits. The objective is to get 10 % of profits monthly at minimum for a 2 months period , with an estimated of 10 % minimum per days. After the two months, the project will be ended and reopened on few months in 2020 , depending on the traders that manage the accounts. This is a system to show our performance, with our custom made eas , for the markets. It is possible to deposit bigger amounts on stp or ecn accounts and contact us for a yearly account management, with share of profits . The ROI will be about 1 % min to 5 % a month , for a 12 months period , that could be renewal for a second 12 months period in 2020. Now , after it is possible to send us any question by message or by mail .
    Get ready for this month , and open an account, you will be positively surprised by our results over the months !

    Quotes : <<
    Hmmm.... You're talking about an EA running your account but also being managed by an account manager?
    If you're running an EA, you don't need an account manager. That's the first thing.
    Second, the client can't operate the account but only the account manager can, knowing that an EA is running the account.
    Call me sceptic but it smells like scam.
    Also, seeing your status, you're a newbie promoting something where you don't show any proof about. Only proof could be given by contacting that e-mail you gave.
    Guess you're just an affiliate at with some brokers and trying to earn commission on other people.
    Why need to start this project if it supposedly already proved to work good on multiple real accounts like you're saying???

    Second answers :
    We do not need to speak very much on forex , we act and show results. We have nothing to prove to you , if you are sceptic, open an account with 200 us for a 2 months period , and you will see the results. Max loss possible is 20 us at the beginning, that is to say 10 % of the account. That is the maximum drawdown on the accounts. You will be able to send details on the results by posts and tell if the weekly profits appear to be ok for the period of the opened projects.

    Secondly , the commission is very low , it turns around 10 to 20 pips per trade , for rebates by forex brokers. The trades get 100 pips to 1000 pips with 5 digits quotes minimum per day , with a bigger profit . What we can suggest is to open an account , at a reliable and well known ecn broker, and send us the relative details in order to start the eas on this account . After , you will be able to show the proofs of trades and accept the good results over the months.

    We have answered the questions the first week of the main thread , for this project , but the reply did not appear on the thread page , that is why we are posting this second thread to answer all the questions possible . It is still possible to join us for this project , the ROI in percentages will be the same , as indicated . It is possible to contact us via mail for additionnal informations about the robots systems.

    Starting Date :
    September 2019

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