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Possible to start trade with $200 deposit to make a stable income?


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Any successful Trader here can share some experience?
Thanks in advance & wish all guys will have a stable income with trading.
According to statistics -

Forex day traders with a good strategy can make a 5-15% return on their portfolio every month.

While it is true that you can start with $200 (you can even start less than that), would you think that 15% (assuming you trade very very well) of that monthly would be enough of an income?

$30/month would be a good start if you are a still living with your parents. But if compounded monthly:

2nd Mo - $264
3rd Mo - $304
4th Mo - $349
5th Mo - $402
6th Mo - $462
7th Mo - $532
8th Mo - $611
9th Mo - $703
10th Mo - $809
11th Mo - $930
12th Mo - $1,070
13th Mo - $1,230
14th Mo - $1,415
15th Mo - $1,627

If you can pull that 15% of profits monthly consistently, you can see by the 9th month, your profit goes up by ~$100/mo. And on the 15th ~$200.

So if you start with $2,000 and compound it like above, on the 15th mo. onwards having ~$2,000/mo would be the most ideal income.

But, those are the ideal conditions of having an average net profit of 15% and you are patient enough to keep on compounding it.
I started with a low initial deposit. I did wind up depositing more later on, but it got me started until I was more confident to deposit more.
For sure, specially if you're starting, it will help you feel the market bettr for when using highre amounts
Ypu can do it if you have good risk management and good technique. Just do compounding and your target will met one day.
nice . good risk management and good technique. Just do compounding and your target will met one day. its important

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