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Is it possible to become multimillionaire from day trader ?

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I'm sure that it's possible, but the way that many youtubers show the things gives the impression that it's easy to get money with day trading, what they don't say is that most people lose money with it, to get good profits doing day trading you must study a lot.


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I believe you can become multi millionaire from day trader.

You need to find a good mentor inorder to cut your learning curve.


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Is it possible to become multimillionaire from day trader ? :unsure:
Yes, for sure. :)(y)

I watched so many Youtube channel but not sure they are real.
I don't know what you watched, but many on you tube are just selling courses. Really huge serious successful traders that are showing themselves on youtube are very rare and difficult to find, but on none of their videos you'll find luxury places and cars :cool:


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