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How and where can i find the List of stock sectors also i want the complete list of indexes. I found some list but
that doesn't give any components that included in that sector or index


Maybe you have a look at your brokers stock list? every broker has its own list, and what you are able to trade...


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The list of compatible scripts posted on the XFP forum appears to be outdated

One of the more well known scripts LVs AL competitors is listed as being compatible with the MOD. However LV himself has withdrawn the script from circulation

I did try posting this question on the forum but nobody seemed to have an answer. This said I got my list of compatible scripts by trial and error



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How and where can i find the List of stock sectors also i want the complete list of indexes. I found some list but
that doesn't give any components that included in that sector or index
I have been screening all stocks NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE including stocks option from finviz website.
You can screen the stock by selecting the Screener tab.

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