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What is the best forex stretegy you use?

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I trade with the moving average strategy since it is useful in forecasting long-term trends, it also helps in identifying areas of support and resistance.


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I trade using the range trading strategy since it takes advantage of the markets that fluctuate and it identifies a range at which traders can buy or sell in a short period of time.


Forex breakout trading setups can provide lucrative trading opportunities. This is because breakouts frequently result in new price movements and trends. Traders attempt to enter the market as soon as a breakout occurs in order to capitalise on a potential emerging trend.


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Since I'm a scalper, I prefer using the RSI strategy, which helps in finding entry points that go with the prevailing trend.


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If you're looking for a simple and reliable forex trading strategy, go no further than trend trading. Trading in the direction of the price trend is at the core of this approach, as the name suggests. Traders can improve their chances of success by first pinpointing the general trend's direction, duration, and strength.


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Even those new to trading can benefit from the simplicity of the trend trading strategy. Fundamentally, there are only three possible directions for the price of any asset.


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I scalp with the RSI, it is the most profitable one. It has a high degree of predictability, with over two-thirds of its trade indications yielding gains.


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I find that scalping in forex trading is the most effective way to make profits. It allows me to take advantage of small price movements and make a profit quickly. I also find that it is a less risky form of trading, as I am not exposed to the large swings in price that can occur in other types of trading.


Any strategy can become the best strategy as long as you are using it correctly.
I mostly prefer reading price action patterns. I use two indicators along with my price action to be more accurate of my prediction - the RSI and the Average True Range.


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There are many strategies that can work for different styles of trading. You just got to practise and find out which one works for you as it brings in the most profit. There is ultimately no best strategy, it just depends on the trend you’re following at the time. ‘Buy low, sell high’, intraday trading, and scalping are some of the popular ones.


There is no foolproof strategy that will ensure success. Traders should routinely assess whether or not their strategy is yielding the desired results. However I like trend trading strategies and it is profitable for me as well.


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Trend trading is adequate for me. I find that I can achieve the most success in trading by following the market trends as they currently stand.


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You won’t find the best strategy until you use all of them. Try your hands at every strategy that seems good to you but don’t make a decision until you use them.

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