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What is the best forex stretegy you use?

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Swing highs and sing lows is one of the most effective and simple strategies to exist. If the trader has knowledge on how to identify the both, it is highly beneficial as swing highs and swing lows can alert the trader about support and resistance levels. This, the trader can use wisely for making profits as per his strategy.


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I think trend trading and breakout trading works the best for me. It would also depend on the pair that I am trading. Sometimes one strategy won’t work the same way for every pair. You should be flexible and adaptable but should never jump from one strategy to another just because someone tells you that their strategy is better. Just stick to the strategy that works for you and follow your trading plan all the time.


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There is no best strategy. Just stay consistent with one for a long time. It will help you gain experience and upskill your trading strategies.


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The breakout FOREX strategy is my personal favourite and has proven to be quite successful for me. Essentially, the strategy involves looking for price breakouts above or below key support and resistance levels. Once a breakout occurs, I enter a trade in the direction of the breakout and aim for a target price that is at least twice the size of my stop loss. This strategy has worked well for me because it allows me to capture sizable moves in the market while still managing my risk effectively.


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One profitable Forex trading strategy is called "scalping," and it entails capitalising on little price changes. It is not clear why this is the case, but the approach is commonly associated with making tiny trades. I use this strategy in my trading.


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I trade using the Pinbar strategy since I do not use any indicators or tools, and it works on any time frame for any forex currency pair.


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I find Trend trading strategy to be a great forex trading strategy. This strategy looks for buying and selling opportunities by following price trends. You must also locate the lowest lows and highest highs in the price chart. Then, draw lines through them to represent the price trend, which can be either upward or downward.


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Since I'm a scalper, I trade with a strategy called Bali, used mostly by scalpers, or the Profit Parabolic trading strategy, which is mostly based on moving averages, which includes the MT4 indicator.


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First of all, there is no perfect forex trading strategy. because not every strategy is always effective To prevent losing an edge, traders must develop their own trading strategies and backtest them frequently. Scalping is the finest trading approach for me. It enables me to profit from a lesser price difference after reselling. It is, however, dangerous, and should only be used by experienced traders.


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Everyone has a different approach, so what may work for you, may not for them. According to me, the ‘buy low-sell high’ strategy worked so far. You just have to find your strategy that matches the plan you've created and work towards achieving profit.


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Trend trading is my favorite strategy. Every trader, however, has a unique approach that fits their personality and trading style the best. The majority of traders prefer day trading since it is the most effective for short-term trading and generates quick gains.


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I prefer to scalp the forex market. When trading Forex, it is always important to use proper scalping techniques. By understanding how the market works and how to scalp opportunities, you can make better profits. Understanding how the markets function is essential for any trader, and Scalping is one of the most important techniques used in Forex trading.

Daantje Pieters

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Broker’s regulation plays a vital role and it saves traders from being deceived by ensuring security. At the time of choosing a broker, we shouldn’t only consider its regulation and facilities rather we should also consider whether the broker supports the specific type of trading that we follow. Eurotrader is a FOMC-regulated broker and makes sure instant support whenever traders need it.


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The most suitable scalping for me is the RSI strategy, because for a scalper like me, it is an advantage to use this strategy to find the entry points that go with the prevailing trend.


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I use a simple strategy. A stop loss of 20 to 50 pips as per the market conditions and I do not touch my trade. Making 3 to 4 trades are the most optimal when following the ideal 4 hour timeframe.


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One of the best and most basic techniques is to swing high and sing softly. Swing highs and swing lows can inform a trader about support and resistance levels, so it is quite advantageous if the trader knows how to recognize them both.


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There is no best strategy that could work for a long time. Traders need to be prepared to revise and adapt with market nature. A strategy that worked in the beginning may not work during the later stages. This is due to the constant fluctuations and new opportunities that occur. Traders need to be vigilant and face the tension with utter grace and motivation. Beginners should try out trend trading as it is reliable and can help them achieve a small amount of profit to begin with.

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