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A professional scam rofx.net

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scammer site: http://www.rofx.net
hello guys
In my recent search, I found a site that advertised the best robots of the year
And the first robot was called RoFX
By following the link of MyFXbook site, I saw this company
https://www.myfxbook.com/members/rofxnet please report to myfxbook
It was excellent, 0.35 percent more loss and more than 400 percent profit
I recorded where the broker of this account is. But I saw an unknown company that I suspected
These days, fake accounts have become very common
I went to the site of this robot
I saw that it is not a robot store and there is a completely professional site where only you can put your money and get your monthly profit.
I spoke with the support of the site. I will put my text here
The result is that you happily put your money on this site and they eat with great pleasure
A professional scam. Not account management that burns your account. No, selling an expert is useless
They drink all the money with a glass of water. Please anyone who reads this should publish it to prevent others from being destroyed

my chat:
Hello. How may I help you?
amiri 04:31

Customer Support 04:31
How can I help you
amiri 04:32
How does your company work? Can we open an account in any brokerage and your expert can connect to it and work?

Customer Support 04:33
You can only get your own broker with VIP PAMM package

We are fully automated trading system at forex, and our robot allocates on best brokerage platforms to trade
amiri 04:35
If we choose the VAP package, how will it work with you? I mean, I open my account in my own broker and you run your robot on it?

Customer Support 04:35
A Customer is capable of opening an account in his name at his preferred brokerage with a total control over his assets and transferring the funds directly to brokerage. Moreover, the Customer can withdraw funds (either profit or start deposit or both) at any time. If the package terms are alright for you, you shall make an application to support@rofx.net, and your personal account manager will contact you we will start verification procedure with your broker.
amiri 04:35
If we choose the ViP package, how will it work with you? I mean, I open my account in my own broker and you run your robot on it?

how much deposit need for vip pakage?

Customer Support 04:37
amiri 04:37
How many days do I have to transfer your dividend to your account?

Customer Support 04:40
You have to make an initial deposit equal to minimum amount of the package you would like to get and then you can add funds

more funds later if you want
amiri 04:41
what is mean?

i open account with 10m dollar in my broker

and send for you login and master password

and you start


Customer Support 04:42
Password you don’t have to disclose
Customer Support 04:42
You make a deposit , choose a broker and our robot starts trading
amiri 04:43
mean first i just make deposit in your company?

Customer Support 04:43
amiri 04:43
i select vip your pakage that not pay money to your company

if your company is have really good EA . i am real investor

but i dont pay money in your company

i pen account in my broker

and you run your robot

any week i share your profit

Customer Support 04:45
Sharing profit is a policy of our company
amiri 04:46
any day share your profit

Customer Support 04:47
Making a deposit comes first if you want to cooperate with us
amiri 04:49
Does your company sign contracts in person?

Customer Support 04:50
amiri 04:52
So your company's work is just offline And every customer just has to open an account and deposit money

without any contract


Customer Support 04:52

Being a software company, owners of AI technology and a managing company RoFx does not need to be regulated by FCA. RoFx cooperates with top European, American and Asian brokerage platforms, licensed and regulated by the corresponding authorities. We sell packages subscription, according to which we provide You with AI and Neural Network software, thus this is not considered to be an investment, but a SERVICE.
amiri 04:53
And the results of your robot are completely fake, which is connected to MyFXbook site in an anonymous company.

i contact with interpol police

and see you soon


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