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What matters in trading?

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I agree that the ability to analyze the market is very important when trading forex. But what is also important is how a trader knows how to control his emotions. That is, the psychological component in trading plays a decisive role when, for example, a trader does not have discipline or the ability to wait, but there is greed and passion. And if you are not psychologically balanced, you will not be able to make money using any analysis or good trading strategy.
I agree with you. Market analysis is ofcourse a crucial aspect of trading, and many newbies struggle with it. Practical market analysis involves understanding market trends, interpreting economic indicators, and using technical analysis tools to make trading decisions along the way. Traders who can do this effectively are better at anticipating price movements and managing risk.
Trading results also depend on how we can control risks. When trading according to any trading strategy, we will have unprofitable transactions and our task is to minimize these losses by trading according to the rules of risk management and using stop losses in trading. Thus, we can always compensate for such small losses later with successful transactions.
In trading, it is also important which broker you trade with. Trading should be profitable and comfortable. Therefore, minimum spreads, fast execution of orders, stability of the trading platform, high-quality trading conditions and speed of profit withdrawal are important here. I chose my broker precisely according to these conditions. This is especially important when intraday trading, when quick trades are made for a small number of points.

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