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Possible to start trade with $200 deposit to make a stable income?


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Any successful Trader here can share some experience?
Thanks in advance & wish all guys will have a stable income with trading.


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According to statistics -

Forex day traders with a good strategy can make a 5-15% return on their portfolio every month.

While it is true that you can start with $200 (you can even start less than that), would you think that 15% (assuming you trade very very well) of that monthly would be enough of an income?

$30/month would be a good start if you are a still living with your parents. But if compounded monthly:

2nd Mo - $264
3rd Mo - $304
4th Mo - $349
5th Mo - $402
6th Mo - $462
7th Mo - $532
8th Mo - $611
9th Mo - $703
10th Mo - $809
11th Mo - $930
12th Mo - $1,070
13th Mo - $1,230
14th Mo - $1,415
15th Mo - $1,627

If you can pull that 15% of profits monthly consistently, you can see by the 9th month, your profit goes up by ~$100/mo. And on the 15th ~$200.

So if you start with $2,000 and compound it like above, on the 15th mo. onwards having ~$2,000/mo would be the most ideal income.

But, those are the ideal conditions of having an average net profit of 15% and you are patient enough to keep on compounding it.


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I started with a low initial deposit. I did wind up depositing more later on, but it got me started until I was more confident to deposit more.

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