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Indicator Does anyone know how to convert a Tradingview indicator to MT4?


Converting a TradingView indicator to MT4 (MetaTrader 4) involves translating the indicator's code from TradingView's Pine Script language to MT4's MQL4 language. Please note that this process can be complex, and not all indicators can be directly translated due to differences in the platforms' capabilities and functions. Additionally, you should only convert indicators for which you have the legal right to do so.

Here are the general steps to convert a TradingView indicator to MT4:

  1. Understand Pine Script: Familiarize yourself with the TradingView Pine Script language and the logic of the indicator you want to convert. Understanding the original code is crucial for translating it into MQL4.
  2. Learn MQL4: Get familiar with MQL4, the programming language used in MetaTrader 4. Understand the syntax, functions, and structures used in MQL4.
  3. Translate the Logic: Manually translate the logic and mathematical calculations from Pine Script to MQL4. Take into account differences in variable names, functions, and operators between the two languages.
  4. Replicate Indicator Properties: MT4 indicators have their own properties and settings (e.g., colors, styles, input parameters). You'll need to replicate these properties in the MT4 version.
  5. Test and Debug: After converting the code, test the MT4 indicator thoroughly to ensure it produces the same results as the original TradingView indicator. Debug any issues that arise during testing.
  6. Compile the Indicator: Use the MetaEditor in MT4 to compile the MQL4 code into an executable file (EX4 format) that can be added to your MT4 platform.
  7. Add the Indicator to MT4: Once compiled, you can add the indicator to your MT4 platform by placing the EX4 file in the "Indicators" folder of your MT4 installation.
Please keep in mind that while some indicators can be successfully converted, others may require extensive modifications or may not be feasible due to platform differences or complexity. Additionally, converting indicators without proper understanding may lead to errors or incorrect results, so it's essential to have a good grasp of both Pine Script and MQL4.


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Ok, maybe I misunderstood the title/query of the thread, but there is no need to convert a TradingView Indicator script into actual 'MT4 code'.

The more efficient way is to convert the TradingView Indicator into a TradingView Strategy. Identify the 'alertcondition' from the indicator script and add these as 'alert' trigger to the strategy script.
Configure a TradingView Alert with a Webhook/Connector to MT4 ... and the trades are send and executed on MT4 client.

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