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we can buy this indicator through mql5?
yes you can buy it through mql5 but be warned all those 5 star reviews is only to get the scanner - does not reflect the actual reliability of the indicator. Yep I purchased it. I use the indicator for the trend direction, i dont use the scanner much. there are many of the pz scanners on this board for download that will do the same thing and not cost you $98
This post maker is miss guiding you all, because he himself is a baby, these all indicators are paid and only run when you pay or directly download from mq5 server after paying, I have pipfinite trend pro and breakout edge and they are working because my friend gave me his mq5 server username and password so, do not waste your time here budies.:LOL:
Thanks for the candid response. No need complaining about it's refusal to work after downloading it.
However, I'm wondering if anyone has Breakout Indicators.


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yes the scanner needs an email and password - it will not work otherwise that's how they force you to buy it and give a 5 star rating.
As for the TrendPro that will work without the scanner. try this file - its the latest one i have. Let me know if it does not work and I will ask them why it won't install.
It doesnt work bro


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Anyone had some good live results they can share on this EA? I ma interested in any results people might want to share, thanx

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