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How much did you earn during your best trading's day ?

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with a 0,25 lot position i did earn over 600 euro in a day..that was last year.-.

what about you guys??:)
I made over $40,000 on crude when it jumped up a week ago, was definately risking it. I figure shit happens it will spike.,
Trading manually
Around $600 open position 0.50 lot x 2 position only $1 in account and the rest is credit (bonus)

1 day 1%
Every traders want to make profit from the forex market. Making profit is not easy at all. Those who has enough knowledge about the market and the trade can make profit. Sometimes broker can be helpful to make profit. I always trade with TP Global FX. It helps me to take decision about trading. By help of this making profit is little bit easier for me.
The best day I had was a profit of about $40 trading on a balance of a little more than $100. It was just luck though :cautious:
Biggest win in a day - bout $1600 from stocks
But have burnt more than what I won previously, easy come easy go:(

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