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How much money can you make with forex trading?

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If you have a good strategy with a high win rate and when you lose it is 1:1 then you are set to go. But that is very hard and very rare, at least consistently.


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And on what is the size of your account. Obviously, bigger accounts can profit more with a single trade, if the trader knows what they are doing.


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It's good to work with percentages when it comes to forex trading. Target at most 30% of your equity per week or month, but don't be tempted to target 100% because you will overtrade and lose your money
It depends on my investment. If my investment is good, I need to create a trading plan with risk and money management. However, I am in favor of gaining a profit of 200 pips per month. To earn these 200 pips I have to work according to the trading plan.
I think it usually depends on money management and risk management. It is better to do as much investment as a trader needs to manage money. However, this investment has to be made from free money. It is not possible to trade on loan or borrowing. So every trader should trade with a positive mindset.


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i feel with the right strategy you need at the back of you the proper investment and try to take 1-2% a day out the market


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How much you make, depends entirely up to you and how you trade, how much you deposit, what lots you use, and your strategies.
.. some people have made over hundreds of thousands of dollars


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How much money can you make with forex trading? Nice topic.
It depends on your Risk appetite and on Your Investment/Account also.
Ultimately how much you can make will be determined by the factor of how much you are willing to risk on each trade. You have to factor in your win/loss percentage in figuring this out. What happens if you lose 5 trades in a row? If you lose 9 out of 10? It happens. Plan accordingly.
If you start making money and your strategy is working overtime you can scale up your positions to make more money later.
Always maintain a good buffer so that if trades go bad you wont lose it all!
People often think before joining, Forex seems to be very easy. People will not know the harshness of the market until they start trading. It is a very risky market. Traders may even blow their capital with a trade. So, learning trading first and start with a demo account. Practice and know the market well. Nowadays many brokers like Eurotrader offer this kind of account to their traders.
How much income I will make depends on how I am creating the trading formula. If I can maintain discipline and money management, I can gain a lot of profit from trading. But if I trade impatiently without a plan, I will never be able to survive in trading.
In forex trading, leverage is the one of important trading factors that traders should consider when choosing a broker. Leverage allows traders to increase their market exposure beyond their initial capital. Lower leverage is a safer trade for traders. I learned about leverage and risk from my brokers educational resources.
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It depends all on the traders' experience and knowledge in forex. It is possible to make consistent profit in trading with any other regulated brokers.
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I agree. If one has a properly regulated broker then it depends entirely on their own ability to learn and grow as a trader.

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