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How many trades should I have simultaneously open?


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focus mainly on one pair but you can have a few open just look at the charts so you dont miss anything going on,on the charts


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the I mostly focus on one pair since I'm a beginner but sometimes keep a few open so that I don't miss anything new. But if you're a professional and able to handle multiple pairs, then it is good to have several open at the same time.


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If your an experienced trader been trading for over a year and have the knowledge to handle more than one currency pair, then you can open two trades at the same time to see if you can profit from it.

Mostly for beginners, it is a risk because there is a chance of missing out on a change in either of the trades.


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Focus on how much of your account you are risking. I do not believe one should risk more than 2% of the account at any time. So if that 2% is all on one trade or spread over several trades is up to you. But it is useful to look at risk in terms of the percentage of the account rather than the number of trades open.


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It all depends on what kind of deposit you have, what leverage you have. What's your strategy. It is not necessary to open for large sums
It is dependent on our capital, but we must ensure to keep good risk/money management. I purely focus on that and thanks to FreshForex broker, its easier with their 101% deposit bonus, I truly cherish it and makes me feel comfortable.


How many trades should I have simultaneously open?
To be honest, the less trades you have, the safer you are. If you open more trades simultaneously and if your account leverage is very small and your equity and margin keeps dropping, you are very much getting closer and closer to getting your account blown. Another thing is about using an EA, bear in mind that some EA do work well by opening lots of trades, those are mainly using some kind of martingale strategies. If you are using those EA, then you need to either have a very large account balance, or you would need to use a CENT account for your smaller balance that is normally less than $1000 or so. It all depends on what kind of EA you use and what are the requirements and conditions. Please read your EA instructions manual carefully for all the important info about your EA. Never go lazy without studying hard and knowing exactly what you are doing the risks involved. Failure to do so will surely get your account blown in no time.

Wish you all the best, be safe and stay safe as always. Again, the more trades are opened, the more risks you are exposed to. Simple as that.

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