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How many of you have used EAs that made you a lot of money??

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It depends on what you would call a lot of money. Ea can work, and if you find a good one remember to keep within the parameters of safety and not get greedy You can then find decent profit.


Over the weekend I do a market analysis and during the week I let the martingale work until the final price is reached.


I have my own EA scalping on Gold with daily returns around 100 $ ....

I have only to switch it off during high impact news ....

A private EA before anyone asks ....


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Can EAs be relied upon? How many can say they using them and it's making them money??
I think many EA can certainly make money. The problem is, which one could make a consistent profit for long term without blowing up your account? That's a very good and important question to ask. Sometimes it's the EA problem, yet sometimes it's the users' problem. Some EA are simply unreliable at all. Some are more reliable but not that profitable. Some could be reliable but it requires the user to be careful and being able to find the "right" settings that is able to keep a good balance between profit earned and risk exposure (or drawdown). Some might managed to generate a super high 80% monthly profit which is truly great, yet the drawdown percentage could also be super high at nearly 60% or more. If that's the case, then it simply means that your strategy and settings used are probably too risky and mostly likely won't survive for long term. In short, there are two factors involved, 1. the EA itself (reliable or not). 2. The proper settings that will either make or break you. That will solely be the responsibility of the EA user. Simple as that.


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eas can work with your own technical analysis..they must be monitored..as soon as they take a trade review it to see if its worth holding....they can scan many markets all at once so give you a better chance of finding opportunities in the market.....when they find them you just review them and your good to go..become a master at price action.


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I have personally tried many EA's but didnt found any worth using it on real account, sooner or later they will blow up your account, but keep trying it on demo account maybe something you can find which works for you

Dont blindly trust any EA for your trades, keep a watch on EA even if it opens automatically

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