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How many years do need to study forex

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You have to take time to learn and explore the subject. There is no need to reach point B if you haven’t spent enough on point A. Many traders tend to reach point B without taking enough time to learn and explore point A. If you are one of them, you can never be successful. It may take years to master the game and become successful, but there is no need to speed up what you shouldn’t.


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During the learning process, traders will realise that patience is the only real tool they need to move forward carefully. It takes time to master the art of trading and decision making. Traders need to practice, analyse and create a strong strategy that will help them overcome their fear to be able to make consistent profits in the future. There is no end to learning in the Fx market.


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There's not any particular time frame that will decide your knowledge of forex. Sometimes it takes less time for a person if he is dedicated and picks up things quickly. It depends totally on a person and his/her learning efficiency.


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It differs from person to person. Demo trading is the route you ought to go in this case. Gaining practical experience and self-assurance are the two primary benefits you'll reap from this experience.


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It depends on the mindset and readiness of a trader. If you are ready to learn with whatever comes your way, you may reduce some time on your learning path. Also, if you have the mindset to trade forex with discipline and consistency, time won't matter much. If you focus on the time it takes, you won't be able to reach success because your focus is on time and not on learning.


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Focus on consistency forex is different for everyone however its the consistency that will set u apart from everyone else.


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Don’t trade if you are too worried about the time spent on learning. You are mistaken if you think that time taken to learn is a waste of time. In fact, it is not less than any investment that you make into your future.


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It’s been years and days getting education even studying but all the efforts I put in ,at the end of the day I fail.why?
you should read about psychology, it's the most important thing in trading, you can read about it from the book : Trading in the zone - by Mark Douglas.


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Learning to trade foreign exchange usually takes one year on average. Technical knowledge can be acquired in a matter of weeks, but understanding risk management and psychology will take around a year. Most traders give up before ever developing a regular trading style.


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It depends on one’s dedication and hard work. Some People need 6 months, some like to study it for a year, some will be learning for more than a year.


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Gaining familiarity with the market jargon may take different time lengths depending upon your capability. After that, you should practise for a while on a demo account to determine which strategy is effective. Rushing the learning process will only lead to stress later on; it is therefore best to allow yourself enough time to comprehend the market sentiment prior to engaging in live trading. In this industry, learning is ongoing, so it's important to keep an open mind, learn how to adjust to different circumstances, and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.


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I started trading 10 years ago and I've learned a ton. That being said, I'm still learning every day. The market continues to teach over and over again. And for those that do not learn what it teaches or listen to what it says, it will be a cruel teacher.


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Depending on how quick you pick up new information, you should take the time and get familiar with the terms and conditions of the market environment. Give it a few weeks or months to analyse, practice and watch the market movement. Study market psychology so you can make the right choice`s.


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It is determined by your learning abilities and dedication. Every individual has a unique mental and physical capacity. They all learn at different rates. So you can take your time. There are no restrictions on it. Do your best to learn it completely and with all your focus.

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